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What is Xasic company?

Xasic is an international cloud mining platform based in Cork, Ireland. We mine cryptocurrencies on specialized equipment called ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) miners. We offer our clients outstanding cloud-mining services and lucrative passive income opportunities.

What currencies do you mine?

We focus on mining the most cost- and power-effective coins. Of course, first of all, we deal with Bitcoin because this is the most popular and expensive cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, we pay much attention to altcoins as well: Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Zcash. The list of the currencies will be expanded soon.

How do you make profits for miners?

We developed sophisticated financial and cloud mining systems which help us and our clients benefit from the mining. Xasic clients rent our ASIC miners and receive from 0.5% to 2% daily earnings for a certain period. There are five mining pools that our clients can use for mining. We use modern mining equipment and regularly update it to ensure the highest performance.

What is the period of rent?

We have a fixed rental period of 365 days.

How can I start mining with Xasic?

The whole process is held in four quick and simple steps:
1. You sign up on our platform.
2. You select a mining pool, enter contract price and rent the equipment.
3. We prepare the selected ASIC pool for the operation.
4. We activate the equipment, and it provides you with daily profits.

Our mining pools are available for all authorized users. To become our client, you also have to be over 18.

Why is it better to choose your pools than to mine crypto individually?

Currently, mining with CPU/GPU or using ASICs individually does not provide the proper performance, and, therefore, miners get inappropriate results. That happens because of the constantly growing network difficulty, market competition and other factors. Nowadays, to compete with the whales of the market, miners need to unite their forces and reach their goals together. That is why we invite people to Xasic us and offer them our mining pools.

Is it possible to use your pools without registration?

No, all the services and most of the Xasic website’s functions become accessible for the logged in users. This measure is necessary to protect our clients’ data and funds. To keep your info confidential and restrict third parties from stealing, signing up is needed for all the users.

What is the purpose of this website?

Xasic website was designed to be a platform where we can place our mining offer. This is a place, where people can rent our computing power. And, to attract more people and provide them with the opportunity to earn more, we created affiliate and representative programs.

Where is your office? And do I need to visit it to start mining?

The Xasic company is headquartered at Apartment 128, Eglinton St, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland. There is no need to visit us. The whole process of cooperation and communication is held online. If you have some questions, you can always contact our support team.

How do you protect my personal and payment data?

Your security is one of our top priorities. We use advanced protection systems that detect and prevent any kind of suspicious activity. Additionally, due to our modern security protocols, we can ensure the absolute anonymity of every website user. Your funds and data are protected by smart IP-tracking, EV SSL protocol, DDoS protection, and other multilevel security systems. To improve safety, we advise using Two-Factor Authentication.

What information do I need to provide to register?

We need the minimum information from you: username, email, and password. That is pretty enough to create an account. Further, we need your payment data, that is, e-wallets addresses, for you could pay for contracts and make withdrawals. To provide the highest level of protection, you can use a fictitious nickname and change passwords from time to time.

What to do if I don’t remember my password?

In this case, you need to click “Forgot your password?” and reset it by filling out a restoration form.

Can I have more than one account?

A client can register only once! By creating multiple accounts, a user violates our Terms of Use, and our system will block all of them.

Can I improve my account protection?

You can switch a Two-Factor Authentication on your device and connect it to your Xasic account. Due to this, you can avoid unauthorized entry.

How much can I earn with Xasic?

We offer from 0.5 to 2%. Your income depends on the mining pool you choose and the contract price. The number of contracts is also important. All these aspects influence your total income.

What is included in a contract price?

The contract price includes the cost of the equipment renting (computing power price) for the whole period of mining that lasts 365 days.

How can I start mining?

To do this, you need to choose an ASIC and a mining pool. Then you pay for a rental contract. This sum you contribute depends on a certain pool and your budget. For this, you need to transfer money from an e-wallet to your account.

Which payment systems do you accept?

Our platform supports the most popular and reliable payment systems: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether (TRC20), Tether (ERC20), Tether (BEP20), Tron, Ripple, Dash, ZCash, Binance Coin (BSC), Stellar. You can use them to pay for contracts and withdraw the earnings anytime.

Which pools should I choose and what is their difference?

You can find the whole selection of pools on the corresponding page on our website and in your account. They differ on profitability and the currency of mining. View them all to decide which suits you best.

How many mining contracts can I pay for concurrently?

You can have an unlimited number of mining contracts and launch as many pools as you want.

In how long the payment for a contract will be processed?

It depends on the network load, rules of processing of your e-wallet, payment amount and other factors. In most cases, payments are completed instantly. But sometimes, there might be additional Blockchain confirmations needed.

Can I rent your equipment using my mining profits?

Sure, you can multiply your income using your earnings for renting new mining pools.

Can I rent mining equipment without making a payment from my e-wallet?

Yes, participate in our affiliate program and use this income to pay for the ASICs rental.

How much do I need to pay to rent a pool?

The minimum and maximum amounts you can pay to start cloud mining depend on the terms of every single pool. Generally, you can pay at least $10.

What pool should I choose to start mining?

It depends on your budget and financial goals. Our pools were designed in a way to suit miners with absolutely different opportunities and targets.

Can I stop mining anytime?

No, you can’t stop the equipment before the mining period expiry. For example, if you rent our computing power for 365 days, the pool will be running during the whole period.

When does the equipment start working?

We have a responsible approach to maintaining our equipment in the appropriate condition. Our technical staff regularly serves the ASICs. So, they are always ready for usage.

Where can I check my income?

All the accruals you receive are displayed in your account. The profits are paid daily, so we update the stats in your account every day as well. You can check how much have you already earned, and see how much time is left till the expiration. And, of course, you can withdraw your earnings anytime.

How much can I withdraw at a time?

There is no limit on the maximum withdrawal on Xasic. But the minimum amount that you can send to your e-wallet is 0.001 BTC, 0.05 ETH, 0.025 LTC, 100 DOGE, 0.03 BCH, 10 USDT.TRC20, 100 USDT.ERC20, 100 USDT.BEP20, 75 TRX, 6 XRP, 0.025 DASH, 0.1 ZEC, 0.0015 BNB.BSC, 10 XLM.

Do you complete the withdrawals manually?

Yes, that is why the withdrawal may take some time to be progressed. We use manual withdrawn type. This is one of the most reliable and suitable ways to provide clients with their profits.

In how long will my request be completed?

The funds will be sent to your e-wallet within 48 hours. Generally, withdrawals are completed within several hours and do not take much time.

I didn’t receive the money. What should I do?

If the withdrawal isn’t processed after 48 hours, we advise you to contact the Xasic support team. Our agents will do their best to solve your issue.

Can I withdraw my earnings when there is an active mining contract?

Yes, you will receive daily earnings, and you can withdraw them anytime.

Are there commissions for withdrawals?

No, our clients don’t pay any charges for cash out.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program that includes two levels. You receive passive income from every partner of yours on two levels: 10%-2%.

What to do if I want to become a miner, but I don’t have money?

You can rent our ASICs without making payments! For this, you need to start inviting people and pay for the contracts using your affiliate income.

Who is allowed to join your affiliate program?

Participation is free and open for every user. All you need is just to register on the platform. Find your affiliate link in your account and share it to invite new partners.

Can I have more than one affiliate link?

No, every user receives only one link. It is unique, and you can’t change it or get more ones.

How can I have the maximum income with the affiliate program?

The size of your team of partners and their activity — these are the most significant factors. We advise you to try to lead active and interested people. The more enthusiastic are your partners, and the larger your team is, the higher affiliate income you can receive.

What is the representative program?

This program was designed for the most active users. Our representatives are offered increased affiliate commissions: 15%-2%.

How to become a representative?

To get a representative status, your total team turnover needs to exceed $10,000. After that, you automatically become the Xasic representative.

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