Project roadmap
We are ambitious, determined, and dedicated. Setting goals and making great achievements is an integral part of success for us. Here you can see all the most significant achievements since the Xasic website launch and our plans.
2019 2020 2021 2022
2019 Q2
Foundation of Xasic
An official start of the company’s operation. A group of individual crypto miners decided to create a team and started Xasic. Initially, we acted as a small cryptocurrency mining company using several ASIC miners bought for our own resources.
2019 Q3
Xasic website launch
The initial website version did not have such functions as the present. It was made to show up our services on the web and attract new partners.
2019 Q4
Bought equipment for mining Litecoin
After several months of work, we managed to update our equipment and purchase new ASICs for mining Litecoin.
2020 Q1
Development of the cloud mining platform
Xasic started providing cloud mining services. We developed a cloud mining platform with a great variety of mining offers and other money-making tools. At that version of the site, there was only one ASIC pool.
2020 Q2
Bought equipment for mining BTC
The company updated mining equipment and bought new, more efficient ASICs for mining BTC. Due to this, we managed to open one more pool and, therefore, a new cloud mining offer.
2020 Q3
Development of the affiliate program
We created one more simple money-making tool for our clients. Now they can build their own two-level partner network and receive profits from their affiliates.
2020 Q4
Equipment for mining ETH
We launched more mining equipment. Now, our clients can mine Ethereum and receive daily profits.
2021 Q1
Our client base exceeded 100,000 users
After almost a year of the Xasic mining platform operation, its client base has reached the point of 100k users. This is a remarkable result for us for such a short timeframe.
2021 Q2
ASICs for mining ETH and DOGE
One more Ethereum mining offer with a bit different interest rate. We continued improving our technical base and developing new cloud mining options for mining ETH. And new equipment for mining Dogecoin.
2021 Q3
Zcash mining equipment
The company updated mining equipment and bought new, more efficient ASICs for mining Zcash. That makes five currencies available for mining on the Xasic website.
2021 Q4
More than $500,000 paid
The total amount of profits paid to the cloud miners during the whole period of the platform’s work. This is the most significant goal for us that we are going to reach by the end of the year.
2022 Q1
Further development of the company
New improvements and search for new directions for the platform’s development. In-depth analysis and enhancement of already existing services.
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