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Xasic Terms and Conditions

You agree with these Terms and Conditions by entering the Xasic website (xasic.io), signing up or using our services.

When you accept these Terms and Conditions, you confirm that you are aged over 18 and your website serving and usage its functions is legal in your country. Using the Xasic website means that you agree to every provision of these Terms and Conditions whether you have to read it or not.

These Terms and Conditions document establishes the legal terms and conditions of the agreement between us (“Xasic company”, “Website”, “Platform”) under which we provide our services to you that are offered and described in the corresponding section on our website.

For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “you” or “your” refer to the customer agreeing to the statements of these Terms and Conditions; “us”, “we”, or “our” refer to Xasic (Apartment 128, Eglinton St, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland).

The rules of these Terms and Conditions are applicable to any tools and services offered. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you understand all the statements before registering on the platform and purchasing our Services. Please note that by buying a mining contract or starting participation in our affiliate program, you agree with all the Terms and Conditions and the other documents they refer to. If you disagree with any of the statements, you should not register on our website. Otherwise, despite that, if you continue using our website, you confirm that you agree with Xasic Terms and Conditions.

Every time you rent our mining equipment, please check this page to read the latest version of the Terms and Conditions.


1.1. We operate the website xasic.io. Please visit our “Contact” page to get in touch if needed.


2.1. Mining equipment, ASICs and Pool. Cryptocurrency mining equipment consists of specialized computing hardware called Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), computer programs, networking interconnectivity and associated facilities that run proprietary Cryptocurrency mining equipment. You pay for the rental of our equipment. In other words, you buy our computing power that is generated by our ASIC mining pools. Pools provide different hash rates and, therefore, different incomes. We provide all mining equipment to you and other clients (“Clients”) and we also use our ASIC miners for our own account.

2.2. Mining Contracts.

a. When you choose a convenient mining pool and decide to rent our equipment, you need to pay a certain amount for a contract of rent. After that, the system automatically adjusts the corresponding share of our computing power to work and generate profits for you. Your final income depends on the contract price and a chosen pool.

b. The pools are described and are always available on our website.

2.3. Rental of mining equipment. We offer our ASICs to provide cloud mining services to you and other clients. You confirm that by executing these Terms and Conditions and buying a mining contract, and by registering and signing into your account on our website, you undertake Cryptocurrency mining on your behalf only and at your own risk.

2.4. Mining Product. The mining equipment will be running due to utilizing Hashing power. The cryptocurrency produced by our ASIC miners will be collected by us and then distributed to you and other clients according to your and their contracts. The profits are sent to clients daily during the whole mining period.

2.5. Distribution of Profits. Cloud miners receive their profits to their Xasic account directly. Then, they can withdraw their earnings to e-wallets.

2.6. Contract Price. The payment that clients pay by signing a rental contract.

2.7. Maintenance Fee. A commission that Xasic charges every user for renting our equipment. The fee is taken from every payment. So, that makes you get a net profit to your account without a commission fee.

2.8. Termination of a contract. Every contract has an expiry period and is active after the purchase and till its expiry. The period of equipment rent is 365 days.


3.1. Password. To get access to the ASIC pools and other platform products and functions, every client needs to register on Xasic. To create an account, you need to enter your email, nickname and password. To prevent your Account from stealing and unauthorized entry, keeping your password confidential is advised. You are responsible for any activity that occurs on or through your Account. If you become aware of or suspect any unauthorized use of your Password or Account, please change your Password immediately and notify us as soon as possible. If we believe that there has been unauthorized access to your Account, we reserve the unilateral right to suspend or discontinue any and all Services, your Account, and in such a case we will endeavour to notify you.

3.2. Cryptocurrency Wallet. Your “Cryptocurrency Wallet” is a payment system that you use to complete payments and withdrawals. For this, we need your Cryptocurrency Wallet. Every user enters it (or them) after the registration on the Xasic website. You are the only owner of your Cryptocurrency Wallet. By entering your wallet address you remain its owner and you are the only person responsible for all the processes related to it. We advise you to keep your payment system access data safe and confidential. If you forget entry data to your Cryptocurrency Wallet or other people gain access to your Cryptocurrency Wallet, with or without your authorization, you may lose all the funds on it. Xasic Administration as well as support agents never ask for your e-wallet entry data and have no access to it. And we are not responsible for any work failure of your Cryptocurrency Wallet.


Your use of the Xasic website is determined and regulated by these Terms and Conditions. Please, be attentive and read this document carefully. We update our Terms and Conditions every time we decide to change any of its statements. Check it from time to time to be informed about the changes.


5.1. Access Requirements. Before you can start using the Xasic services, you need to register on our website and sign in.

5.1.1. Restrictions. Xasic services are not available to the residents of the USA. We do not act and do not provide our cloud mining services to US-based cloud miners. If you are a resident of the USA, please leave this website. If you have any questions about the use of Xasic Services, please contact our support team at support@xasic.io .

5.2. Your Due Diligence. By using our Services, you acknowledge and warrant that you have conducted sufficient due diligence to understand the risks associated with Cryptocurrency mining. You acknowledge that due to the difficulties in renting Mining Hardware, there may be delays affecting the rate at which we are able to bring the Mining Hardware online.

5.3. Hardware/Software. You need a computer, a smartphone or any other electronic device to get access to all the Xasic website functions and features. You do not need to install any additional software on your device because the Xasic platform is equipped with all the necessary functions for providing cloud mining services.

We do not guarantee the proper operation of our Services or our Website caused by the server or your Internet provider of hardware malfunctioning.


6.1. Prices for services. Relevant prices for the Xasic services are always displayed on our website. We always update the Service prices on the site when they change. Prices for our Services may change from time to time.


7.1. Restrictions on Use. Xasic provides its services on a legal basis and does not allow using them for any illegal activity or any fraudulent, unauthorized or improper purpose.

7.2. Your Promises. Using our services you agree to not attempt to:

(a) access other users’ accounts and use our services without permission;

(b) hack or interfere with our Services, threaten the security of the Xasic website, steal other users’ entry data, or otherwise abuse our Services or Software.

7.3. Breaking rules. If we the Xasic Administration or our protections systems detect suspicious activity regarded to your account, or if you break any of the rules described in these Terms and Conditions, we may:

a. restrict your access to your Account or our Services until we verify your Account activity;

b. block your Account;

c. refuse to provide the Xasic Services to you in the future;

d. take legal action against you.

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